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Shamanic Treatment

Our spiritual force fields become damaged as we go through life. These spiritual disruptions, over time,  end up affecting our general wellbeing. There also is a spiritual component to why we may not be feeling quite ourselves or whole. In the shamanic tradition this feeling is known as a “soul loss".

Shamanic treatments may help release and heal these traumas,  and help restore our spiritual power.

Through carefully listening to guidance from helping spirits, core shamanic healing methods, inspired by the teachings of Michael Harner, will be integrated into a session. Some of these modalities may include power animal retrieval, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, drum healing and empowerment and, psychopomp work - guiding souls that have passed.

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Shamanic healing seeks to recover a person’s lost power, to restore their vital soul, and remove harmful energies.  

Some benefits of Shamanic Healing :

  • Increased vitality and power
  • Expanded sense of wholeness and wellbeing
  • Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
  • Enhanced ability to create desired life changes


What to expect during your Shamanic treatment? 

Prior to your treatment, the practitioner connects with helping spirits to ask what shamanic modalities would be appropriate for you at this time. Before the session begins, the practitioner will share this information and the client will be encouraged to share and identify their goals for their healing. 

During a Shamanic treatment, you will remain fully clothed while comfortably lying on a massage table. Your session may consist of smudging, drumming, chanting, rattling and may also involve light touch.  

Once the healing is integrated, a short discussion will follow.  

If further sessions are suggested, this information will be shared with you at the end of your first treatment.  


How long does as session last?  

A session lasts up to 60 minutes.


What is power animal retrieval? 

Is a modality that connects clients with a spiritual power animal, and it is the first step to restoring spiritual power to the individual.    


What is soul retrieval? 

We lose portions of our soul during traumatic events in our lives whether willingly or not. This modality consists of reintegrating soul energies that have been lost throughout life. Often soul loss will manifest in the forms of loss of passion or excitement for life.


What is shamanic extraction?

This modality consists of removing spiritual intrusions or energies that no longer belong. It is important to mention that spiritual intrusions are not necessarily evil. These intrusions can also present themselves the form of behaviours that no longer serve a purpose for you.  


What is psychopomp work?

This work is sacred modality that focuses on helping souls who have passed and with permission is performed to ensure the safe passage of the deceased to the other side.



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There are no known contraindications for a shamanic treatment. Please note. Shamanic treatments are not intended or designed to substitute advice from your physician or your health care professional. Shamanism is a complementary series of modalities to support client’s wellbeing.